Danielle spent years working in local radio news here on Long Island. WGSM/WCTO in Huntington was the first place Danielle worked. Danielle was in charge of warming up the transmitter, ripping wire copy for the news anchor and keeping the 24 hour "Muzak" station on the air.

Danielle worked at WGGB in Merrick, a great news outlet, where many broadcasters got their start as well as WALK in Patchogue. From there Danielle went to WNBC Radio as an intern, her friend and co-worker from WCTO, Gary Dell'Abate of Howard Stern fame, got her that gig!It wound up being a great internship for both of them. Gary was hired to work with the Disc Jockeys, and Danielle got a full time job working in the newsroom as a Production Assistant and later, Assistant To The News Director.

At WNBC, Danielle worked with some of the best news broadcasters in N.Y., Charlie McCord, {Imus} Judy De'Angelis, {1010WINS} Doug O'Brien {1010WINS}.

There were wonderful street reporters as well, and the oldest, saltiest, city desk news folk you could ever imagine. Just think Superman, and Mary Tyler Moore. What a place to learn broadcast journalism! For Danielle, WNBC was an exciting place, one never knew what was going to happen next. Danielle wrote radio copy for Tom Brokaw, and taped reports for Sportscaster, Don Criquie.

When Imus or Howard Stern were on the air, Danielle would avoid walking near the on air studio windows, because somehow she would be dragged in and made fun of live on the air! It was a crazy time to work at WNBC, it was the "Howard Stern" years, the Space Shuttle had blown up, AIDS grabbed the headlines, and Mayor Koch ran the city. Danielle met many politicians and celebrities, her favorite, Mark Hamill, at the time she thought she had died and went to Star Wars Heaven!

This was the time also when Danielle's dear friend and WNBC's traffic reporter, Jane Dornacker crashed in the NBC chopper and died. Jane was loved by all and her personality was truly bigger than life -- Jane's death was heartbreaking.

Danielle says she learned so much in her almost 5 years at WNBC. Danielle says 66 WNBC is where some of the best memories from her career were made.

When W "N" BC went off the air, Danielle landed a job on TV at Channel 55, that's where she met Drew Scott, he was the news director at the time and he taught her the ropes of TV news. From there Danielle went back to the city and was hired as the Long Island correspondent for 1010WINS. There, Danielle covered LI stories like the Avianca Crash, Joey Buttafucoa/Amy Fisher, and The Martin Tankleff murder trial. At this time Long Island proved to be a hot bed of news and Danielle had to prove herself as a radio reporter who could deliver concise stories in a 45 second format, while meeting tight deadlines and dealing with tremendous pressure!Danielle had a desk in the Mineola Press Room which is where all the News media who wants to be close to the action-- work. All the major Radio and Television networks, and Newspapers, have reporters, photogs and producers stationed here.The journalists that work here are savvy, aggressive and smart. When Danielle started in the early 90's, there were real newspaper men working, Bob Wettle from the Post and Mike Hanarhan from the Daily News. They were real reporters, the kind you see in the movies. Hank Logeman, a reporter for UPI and Reuters, always wore a hat and carried sharpened pencils. Hank served as a role model,for the reporters in Mineola, as he was a man of great journalistic character and ethics. The news women in the pressroom, also had a profound effect on Danielle.

Shirley Pearlman from Newsday, Ellen Mitchell from WCBS Radio, and Patti Milton from the Associated Press, Vicky Metz from CH.7 WABC, were women ahead of their time. They were the women of the LI Press Corps who forged the way for other females, despite the sometimes crass world of male dominated journalism. They taught Danielle not to cry when an editor screams, and get your facts straight no matter what, and don't let anyone or anything keep you from getting the truth! Danielle made lifelong friends in the Mineola Press Room and says despite the competition, the stress, the heartache, the reporters kept each other going, watched out for each other, and made each other laugh! Danielle's memories at 1010 WINS included being 8 Months pregnant and crouching over Joey Buttafucoa's snake skin boots, as she fought other news crews to get the sound bite.

Danielle landed a freelance job at News 12 Long Island, where she started as a reporter, and worked her way up to anchor. During her 16 years at News 12 she has covered just about anything you can imagine, the Wild Fires, Plane crashes, hurricanes, snow storms, bombings, hostage situations.

As a journalist, Danielle has flown in airplanes upside down, rode roller coasters live on TV, sailed, swam, hiked and climbed her way up, over, around and across Long Island.

Danielle has been attacked by people, dogs and birds, pushed, shoved and spit on, all in the name of getting the story.

As a journalist for News 12 Long Island Danielle has traveled to Austria with the Central Islip Choir who performed at Mozart 250th birthday celebration in Salzburg. She was also sent on assignment to Nicaragua with LI High School students, who built homes for an impoverished, remote village. Danielle was just recently honored with two Edward R. Murrow Awards for her Nicaragua story. One for the series and the other for writing.

Danielle was sent on assignment to Lourdes, France, in March of 2007, with Officer Steven McDonald and Special Needs Children from the tri-state area, who traveled there on a pilgrimage of faith and healing.

During 911, Danielle was live on the anchor desk for hours, delivering up to the minute information and conducting live interviews on one of our nation's darkest days.

Danielle grew up on Long Island and learned from her parents and her grandparents to appreciate all that Long Island has to offer. Danielle has four wonderful kids, who are supportive and understanding. She and her children love to go camping, ice skating, sleigh riding,fishing and ride their bikes. They love to play basketball and poker {for M&M's} and have rainy day marathon monopoly games. Danielle says she teaches her children by example and encourages community involvement and participation. Their favorite places on LI are Montauk, Kismet and the North Fork. That's besides being at home. Danielle's biggest fan is her 90 year old grandmother who tells her everyday "you looked great today!" no matter what! Thanks Gram!

Danielle is a journalist with a heart, who conveys facts and truth with sincerity. She is a trusted anchor for more than 3 million viewers who turn to her each morning. As a correspondent, Danielle is a compelling journalist who reports with skill, speed and accuracy.

Danielle has a closet full of awards for the stories she has done, but most importantly, she has a mind, full of meaningful memories!

Danielle says the best part of her career has been meeting so many amazing people who have changed her life,---by living theirs.